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Singing Vocal lessons

   Singing lessons are taught by Adele. They run during the daytime for adults and after school and evenings for school age singers. These classes are in very high demand. We are celebrating many students successes including major theatre roles and TV appearances. 

Each class is tailored to the individual and Adele gets to know every student and their needs allowing her to base classes specifically for that person at that time. 

     All levels are taught from beginners to professional level . 

  Each person has their own reason for singing and that reflects in their success. If a person wants to be able to confidently sing in a group without shy-ing away at the back, or wants to perform a solo song for the first time, that is their personal success. This is the same as a person who wants a recording contract or to win a competition. They are all equally important to the singers and Adele will work with each person to achieve these goals. 

  Voice training consists of strengthening, tuning, theory, interpretations , performance technique and individual style. We also offer singing exams. 

ROCKSCHOOL VOCAL GRADES will equip you with the music theory and technique you need to take your singing to a higher level. You'll earn an internationally recognised qualification by performing songs chosen from a huge repertoire, expanding your vocabulary as a vocalist and developing your voice. 

ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music. They are a charity committed to supporting and inspiring people to progress with music. They support high-quality music-making and learning around the world.

ABRSM encourages you to build skills, knowledge and understand to help you unlock your musical potential, whatever role music plays in your life, they develop talent and confidence through their more classically based exam program.

*Student chosen to play Oliver for Cameron Mackintosh
*Another gained places at 5 full time theatre schools
*Student who went to Hollywood to compete in World Performing Arts Championship and won Gold for Vocals
*Grand finalist in the Teen Star UK finals
* Student who got down to the final 120 out of 9,000 in popular TV competition
* Students TV appearance coming very soon! 
*Auditions for popular West-end shows and castings
* Many live performances and recordings. 
* Many students now professional performers. 

APPAS Student performing live
APPAS Studens performing live
APPAS Studens performing live
APPAS Students performing live
APPAS Student performing live
APPAS Student performing live
APPAS Student performing live
APPAS Student performing live

Singing vocal lessons Singing vocal lessons - Adele Peters Performing Arts School   Excellent friendly teachers helping you develop not only your skill but your confidence. Performance opportunities. singing vocal lesson Exams available